Home Renovations Techniques

You can smartly convert the existing space in your home with latest updates and proper planning. Nice ideas to renovate your dream home and maximize space with projects that fit your style. Elegant ways to renovate the Bedroom, Living room, Kitchen, Dining room, Bathroom, Entry and Garage of a dream home are as follows.


Always keep less no of windows in the master bedroom. Windows face should be always towards the beautiful scene. Attached bathroom should be small and have an elegantly designed changing room with it. Always put natural colour in the bedroom. If you want to put a carpet then the colour should match with the wall colour. Otherwise you can replace the carpet with hardwood matched with the hall. The bed, wardrobe and the windows are of same colour i.e. black stained.

Living room

You have to give a good effort for the living room as this is the place for friends and family. As this is the room one can see on the entrance. So the sofa must be comfortable and elegantly designed. The colour of the sofa is always light but the colour of the coffee table is always dark. Don’t keep French doors and replace it by widening the entry of this room.


Tips for the renovations of kitchen are as follows.

For a beautiful countertop you have to use the white carrara marble and also the plastic laminate and wiarton limestone provided by a wooden edge. The cabinet placed according to the height of the ceiling. The cabinet directly go to the ceiling, if the ceiling height is 8-foot otherwise leave 15 to 18-inches above the cabinets. For unique look use brush-painted cabinets. Don’t place a large cube in centre of the room, if you want then place a dishwasher-sink or a cooktop in it. Always use the hinges and drawer slides of good quality otherwise drawers will stick.

Dining Room

You should paint a hutch with thin veneer for better result. If previously painted then paint it with thick veneer. It is always in the middle of the home and there is a common window between the kitchen and the dinning. Just above the dining table there should be a light of natural colour. Use a circular table for a small house and a rectangular for a big one.


A Bathroom design have all the needs i.e. Spiritual as well as physical. Tips for the renovations of bathroom are as follows.

Buy a bathtub of 60-inch, it is enough for most people. If you have enough space for a small bathtub, then you can buy a tub with extra deep. You have to use a well-sealed hardwood floors if you want to fill the natural warmth instead of ceramic, marble and stone tiles. Also it acts as a foil for the other hard as well as cold surfaces in the bathroom.

An elegantly framed wall-mounted and adjustable makeup mirror is more attractive than many surfaces full of mirrors. You have to consider installing a lighted and also mirrored shaving niche in the shower stall. If you use tilted mirrors, then it is useful for all heights of people. You should use a classic claw-foot tub in your bathroom. To maximize vertical storage place a tall storage cabinet into the wall. The interior depth of the cabinet is of at least 3-inches. Always use the scented candles for good ambiance. Always use white towels for the graphic decor.

With nice ideas along with the vasstu, you can renovate your dream home even in a less space.


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