How to Remove Chocolate Stains From Carpeting

Chocolate is so delicious. It can also be so messy. Especially when it has been dropped onto and tamped into your beautiful carpeting. Suddenly, you have a catastrophe unfolding before your eyes, one that can ruin your carpet if you do not take action. Instead of fretting over the chocolate mess, you can do something about it and restore your carpet to its previous state.

Make haste. Do not delay in taking action as soon as possible. Like almost every other stain, chocolate can do damage if it is not cleaned up quickly. Stop what you were doing and tend to this problem immediately or risk permanent staining.

Remove with a knife. Chocolate may harden if it soaked your carpet in liquid form. Remove as much of the chocolate you can with a paper towel. Use the back end of a spoon to separate fibers that have clumped together. If hard, you can use an ice cube to separate the fibers.

Perform a patch test. Use an over the counter carpet cleaning solution to attack the stain. Before you do that, find an out of the way area of the carpet to test the stain. If your carpet is old or especially expensive, contact a carpet cleaning professional instead. If the carpet is not damaged by the cleaning solution, then you can apply it to the stain.

Apply the solution. Dampen a clean, white cloth and spray with the cleaning solution. Lay the cloth directly over the stain. The cloth should absorb much of the stain. You can dab the stain with the cloth as well.

Blot the affected area dry. Take a clean cloth and carefully blot the affected area until it is dry advises Chem-Dry. If the cleaning solution is still apparent, you can also rinse it away before drying. Leave a clean, paper towel on the spot for at least one hour. For deep stains, place several layers of towels on the spot and then apply pressure. Pressure can be further applied by putting a stack of three or four books on top of the towels.

Clean Your Carpets

If you own a carpet cleaning machine, you can also use it to clean up the residual stain. Just as you would clean the carpet, rinse the area first then apply an extra dose of cleanser.

Allow the cleanser to work into the chocolate. Shut off the machine and don a pair of rubber gloves and remove the chocolate. Then, turn the machine back on and gently work back and forth over the affected area until the rest of the chocolate has been removed. Keep working on the area until the stain has been removed.

If a stain remains following your carpet cleaning efforts, spray the affected areas with an ammonia solution. Follow that up with a vinegar solution then blot dry. For especially tough stains you spray the stain once agains with a detergent solution the blot dry. Repeat the steps one more time and your carpet should be restored to it previous state.


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