The Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

What does our loved kitchen location to be unique? How to create luxury kitchen design? Creating luxury kitchen design a designer or a scene-painter follows the main rules consist in choice of the one idea which is brought  to perfection by adding of new touches. From the very beginning the matter of planning is solved, places for  household appliances are determined, the style of an accommodation corresponding to the general stylistic tendency of the rest accommodations is chosen. According to the style finishing agents for walls such as expensive ceramics, mosaic, plaster, glass or bamboo panel and sometimes animal’s skin or natural stone are sorted out. The ceiling can be gypsum, stretch, combined and wooden, with caissons or hanging constructions, built-in   luminaries or designer’s chandeliers which emphasize the main style centre of an accommodation.

As a rule, designers examine a few sketches and plan to create a beautiful, light, comfortable and modern luxury kitchen design with common or zoned space. They pay great attention to choice of furniture which can be formed of different sets for a cooking zone and a dining room in case of decorating a big kitchen room. And luxury kitchen design can be made in a small kitchen. For a small kitchen vacancy rate must be exercised fully and effectively, the furniture of ergonomic design is selected. For example, up-to-date round box-bars or built-in cases of “modern” style are used. Luxury kitchen furniture is often linked with a classical and a Baroque style. Sometimes there are elegant tables, chairs and cases of light or pastel tints with decorative floret, carved legs,  encrustation, glass fronts and expensive accessories made in Provence style or art nouveau.


The bar in luxury kitchen design.

The bar is the important element of a modern interior. It is necessary even for a classical kitchen design and all the more luxury kitchen design. What to say about the art-deco style or the new-fusion style where curved surfaces are theintegral part of a design’s tendency? The most interesting and complex solution in luxury kitchen interiors is a bar location on a room centre when it crosses the apartment and there by divides it to two zones. If the bar is round or semicircular it is  supplemented by a ceiling construction and sometimes there is a bright sofa, an ottoman, high stools, a bar trolley or a winy box as usual.

It is more complicated to select a color spectrum for a kitchen. It mustn’t be gloomy or obtrusive,  although dark- violet or purple palette on walls can be diluted by white curtains on windows, canary blots of  paintings or mirrors. Luxury kitchen design ideas is the boldest author’s approach, original and striking solution in the interior.


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